What Laptop Linus Torvalds Uses? 3 Powerful Laptops

What Laptop Linus Torvalds Uses?

Linus Torvalds is a Finnish-American software engineer who is best known as the creator and original developer of the Linux operating system kernel. Many software engineers, developers, and students want to know what laptop Linus Torvalds uses. What are its specifications, model, and brand?

What kind of desktop computer does he use? We’ll answer all these questions in this article.

Linus Torvalds: Linux Founder and Chief Architect

Linus Torvalds was born on December 28, 1969, in Helsinki, Finland. He became interested in computers as a young boy and purchased a Sinclair QL personal computer in the early 1980s.

Torvalds began programming on this computer and later purchased an IBM PC to continue his computing education.

Creation of Linux

In 1991, while a student at the University of Helsinki, Torvalds created the Linux kernel as a hobby project. He released it publicly for others to use and modify.

Growing Linux Community

This sparked the growth of a global open-source software community collaborating on the development of Linux.

Adoption of Linux

Over the years, Linux grew to become a major operating system used across computing devices and platforms, including servers, mainframes, mobile devices, and more.

Ongoing Leadership and Impact 

Torvalds continues to oversee Linux’s development as the chief architect and maintainer of the kernel. He manages the revisions and releases for each new kernel version.

He has received numerous awards and honors for his pivotal role in the open-source software movement. Torvalds remains an important figurehead of Linux and open-source development globally.

What are Linus Torvald’s Achievements?

He has done a remarkable work in opensource software and its movement. Infact he is pioneer in open-source software movement that inspired millions of people thorough out the world.

These are few of achievements.

Created the Linux Kernel

  • Designed and implemented the original Linux kernel in 1991, which formed the core of the Linux operating system.
What Laptop Linus Torvalds Uses?

Pioneered Open Source Software

  • Adopted an open-source model for Linux, allowing global collaboration in its development. This popularized the open-source movement.

Built a Massive Global Community

  • Fostered a large, decentralized community of volunteer developers who drive Linux’s advancement.

Provided Long-Term Leadership

  • Continued to lead Linux kernel development for over 30 years, guiding its growth and evolution.

Advanced Operating System Design

  • Pioneered new approaches and features in the Linux kernel, like support for multiple hardware architectures.

Enabled Widespread Adoption of Linux

  • His work on Linux led to its adoption across servers, mainframes, smartphones, embedded devices, and more.

Received Prestigious Awards and Honors

  • Awarded the Takeda Foundation’s Takeda Award for Social/Economic Well-Being in 2001.
  • Received the Millennium Technology Prize in 2012 for pioneering open-source software and communities.
  • Inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame in 2012 for his innovations with Linux.
  • Awarded 11 honorary doctorates and more than 100 other honors.

Which Lapotp Does Linus Torvalds Use?

Torvalds is known for developing Linux kernel, so basically he is software engineer, and engineers have to write a lot of code. For that purpose, they often choose a machine with excellent keyboard and a large screen.

What Laptop Linus Torvalds Uses? Macbok Pro

Normally, they use multiple monitors set up for writing code. The same is almost always the case with Linus Torvalds.

Linus Torvalds Laptop Useage History

He didn’t use a single laptop, but different laptops with the passage of time. Torvalds basically uses Linux on his personal computers. He used a MacBook Pro to test Linux compatibility with Mac hardware machines.

  • Torvalds used Intel-based laptops running Linux for his kernel development work for many years.
  • Back a decade ago, in 2013, he said that he preferred Lenovo’s ThinkPad laptops, especially the X-series ThinkPad X220. Because of their high-quality keyboards as a key selection factor.
  • After two years, in 2015, Torvalds started using an Apple MacBook Air. Because it’s easy to suspend and resume laptop state, which was difficult on Linux.
  • He used MacBook Air for many years, running Linux on the hardware through a compatibility layer.

ARM64 Architecture – Seismic Shift

This ARM-based development marks a shift from his long history with x86 laptops. Torvalds cited performance and low-power consumption as advantages.

Previously, Torvalds used Apple hardware for Linux development on PowerPC and early MacBook Airs. But this is the first time he’s using ARM64, describing it as a “seismic shift.” He wants to “dogfood” Linux on ARM64, using it as his daily driver to uncover any weaknesses.

Torvalds is hoping for more affordable ARM laptop options for Linux development in near future.

What is his current Laptop Model and brand?

He didn’t publicly announce his laptop’s brand, model, or any specific preferences. We learned about his laptop after doing research. 

Although he normally uses a desktop computer for writing code, he is also using laptop. 

He recently began using an Apple Macbook Pro 14-inch model with the new M1 Pro ARM-based chip in 2022.

Torvalds is running Asahi Linux distro, which is optimized for Apple Silicon and allows him to natively run Linux on the ARM architecture.

Linus Torvalds uses different laptop for travel.

For his lectures, tours, and travels, Torvalds uses a Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition laptop optimized for Ubuntu. 

But his primary development work is now done on the Apple Silicon MacBook Pro, highlighting the emergence of high-performance ARM64 laptops for Linux.

What are Linus Torvalds Laptop Computer Specifications?

Torvalds now relies on Apple’s latest M1 Pro silicon MacBook Pro as his primary Linux development system, representing a major architecture shift for the creator of Linux. 

The powerful 10-core Apple chip enables a high-end ARM64-based environment for advancing the Linux kernel.

Laptop Model: Apple MacBook Pro 14-inch (2021)

Processor: Apple M1 Pro (10-core CPU)

Memory: 32GB Unified Memory

Storage: 1TB SSD Storage

Graphics: 16-core GPU

Display: 14.2-inch 3024×1964 Liquid Retina XDR display

Operating System: Asahi Linux (Linux distribution optimized for Apple M1/M2)

Further Details

  • ARM-based Apple Silicon allows native Linux development
  • Chosen for performance, battery life, screen, and keyboard
  • Represents shift from his long history with x86-based laptops
  • Used for latest Linux kernel development and releases

Does Linus Torvalds Use a Windows Laptop?

Torvalds primarily uses Linux since he created the Linux kernel and favors open source software. In the past, he dual-booted Windows to access software and hardware that lacked Linux support.

Today, he may rarely use Windows unless absolutely necessary for specific compatibility needs, such as gaming. He has criticized Windows’ closed-source approach in contrast to Linux’s open source model.

But Torvalds strongly prefers Linux as his main development environment and avoids Windows if possible.

In essence, Torvalds uses Windows only in very limited cases out of necessity, but vastly favors Linux for its open source foundations.

Latest Development of Linux on ARM 64 based Laptop

Linus Torvalds recently revealed he released the latest Linux kernel from an ARM-based laptop, signaling a move away from x86 towards ARM64.

Early Linux Development Targeted x86

In Linux’s early days, Torvalds only targeted Intel 386 and 486 PCs. Over time, support expanded to other architectures like MIPS and SPARC.

ARM Dominates Mobile and Servers

ARM Dominates Mobile

Now ARM dominates mobile and servers. But affordable ARM-based consumer laptops remain scarce, limiting development.

Few ARM-Based Laptops Available

The lack of affordable consumer ARM PCs remains disappointing.

Torvalds Adopts Apple’s ARM-Based M1/M2 Chip

Torvalds was finally able to use a high-performance ARM64 laptop – an Apple MacBook with M1/M2 chip. He used Asahi Linux distribution built for Apple silicon.

Shift to ARM64 Signals Major Milestone

This enables Torvalds to develop Linux natively on ARM64, which he called a “seismic shift.” He intends to “dogfood” Linux on ARM64 by using it as his daily driver.

Apple Leading the ARM Laptop Market

Apple is leading by bringing ARM to laptops with M1/M2 chips.

Torvalds Validates ARM64 as a Platform

Having Torvalds use ARM64 for Linux development validates the platform and could accelerate ARM64 support. It lays the foundation for ARM64 to potentially challenge x86 in the future.

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