How To Find Lenovo Laptop Model Number

Title: Unveiling the Mystery: How to Find Your Lenovo Laptop Model Number with Ease

Unlocking the potential of your Lenovo laptop begins with identifying its model number. Whether you’re seeking technical support, upgrading your system, or simply curious about your device, this guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of finding your Lenovo laptop model number. From the latest ThinkPad series to the versatile Ideapads, we’ve got you covered.

Section 1: Why Knowing Your Lenovo Laptop Model Number Matters

Understanding the significance of your laptop model number is the first step in optimizing your user experience. Here’s why it matters:

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  • Warranty Verification: Ensures you have the correct information when checking warranty status.
  • Driver Updates: Crucial for obtaining the right drivers and software updates for your specific model.
  • Tech Support: Simplifies the troubleshooting process when seeking assistance from Lenovo support.

Section 2: Locating the Model Number on Different Lenovo Laptop Models

Each Lenovo laptop model hides its identity in a different corner. Let’s explore where you can find your laptop’s model number:

2.1 ThinkPad Series

  • On the Bottom Panel: Flip your ThinkPad and look for a label on the bottom panel.
  • In BIOS/UEFI: Access the BIOS/UEFI by restarting your laptop and pressing the respective key (usually F1 or F2). Look for the model information.

2.2 Ideapad Series

  • Underneath the Battery: For removable batteries, the model number might be underneath.
  • In Windows System Information: Open the System Information tool by searching in the Start menu and look for the System Model under System Summary.

2.3 Yoga Series

  • In Tablet Mode: On convertible laptops, check the edges or back of the screen in tablet mode.
  • Lenovo Vantage App: Open the Lenovo Vantage application and navigate to “Device” to find detailed information.

Section 3: Decoding the Lenovo Laptop Model Number

Understanding the alphanumeric code of your Lenovo model number is essential. It usually follows a pattern like “Brand Series – Model – Version.” Break it down:

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  • Brand Series: Identifies the main category like ThinkPad, Ideapad, or Yoga.
  • Model: Represents the specific model within that series.
  • Version: Denotes variations or updates.

Section 4: Common Mistakes and Troubleshooting Tips

Frequent errors when identifying the model number and how to address them:

  • Confusing Numbers and Letters: Verify the sequence and ensure accuracy.
  • Worn-out Labels: Use a magnifying glass for faded labels or try alternative locations.

Section 5: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can I find the model number in the device manager?
Yes, open the Device Manager in Windows, locate your laptop under “System devices,” right-click, and select “Properties” for the model information.

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Q2: Is the model number the same as the serial number?
No, the model number and serial number are distinct. The model number identifies the type, while the serial number is unique to each device.

Q3: Does the model number change with upgrades?
Not necessarily. The model number typically remains the same, with version or series changes noted.

Q4: Is it safe to use third-party tools to find the model number?
While some tools may assist, it’s recommended to rely on official methods provided by Lenovo to ensure accuracy.


Unraveling your Lenovo laptop’s model number is an essential skill for any user. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll navigate the Lenovo ecosystem with confidence, ensuring you receive the right support and updates tailored to your specific device. Happy exploring!

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