Can You Game On A Framework Laptop

Can You Game on a Framework Laptop?

The Framework Laptop has gained attention for its modular design and repairability, but how does it perform when it comes to gaming? In this article, we’ll explore the gaming capabilities of the Framework Laptop, weighing its advantages and limitations.

Can You Game on a Framework Laptop?

Yes, you can game on a Framework Laptop. However, the gaming experience will vary depending on the specific game you’re playing, your graphics settings, and the configuration of your laptop.

The Framework Laptop comes with integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics, which provides decent performance for casual gaming and older titles. However, it’s not designed for demanding modern games or high-resolution gameplay.

Advantages of Gaming on a Framework Laptop

  • Modular design: The Framework Laptop allows you to upgrade and replace components easily, including the graphics card. This gives you the flexibility to enhance its gaming performance in the future.
  • Repairability: The Framework Laptop is designed to be repaired and upgraded, ensuring that you can keep it running smoothly even after heavy gaming sessions.
  • Compact and portable: The Framework Laptop is a 13.5-inch laptop, making it easy to carry around if you need to game on the go.

Limitations of Gaming on a Framework Laptop

  • Limited graphics performance: The integrated graphics card on the Framework Laptop limits the performance of demanding games at high settings.
  • No dedicated GPU option: Unlike other gaming laptops, the Framework Laptop doesn’t offer the option of a dedicated graphics card for enhanced performance.
  • Small screen: The 13.5-inch screen may not provide an optimal gaming experience for some players.


Whether the Framework Laptop is a good choice for gaming depends on your expectations and budget. If you’re looking for a portable and repairable laptop that can handle casual gaming or older titles, the Framework Laptop is a viable option. However, if you’re looking for a high-performance gaming experience, you may need to consider a laptop with a dedicated graphics card.

Ultimately, the modular design of the Framework Laptop gives you the flexibility to upgrade and enhance its gaming capabilities in the future as technology improves.

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