Can You Fly With A Laptop In Your Checked Bag

Can You Fly with a Laptop in Your Checked Bag?

Traveling by plane often requires packing your laptop, an essential tool for work, study, or entertainment. But when it comes to checking in your luggage, you may wonder if you can safely stow your laptop in your checked bag.

TSA Regulations: Is It Allowed?

  • Yes, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) permits laptops in checked bags.
  • However, they recommend that you remove your laptop and place it in a security bin for X-ray screening.

Airline Policies: Know the Rules

While the TSA allows laptops in checked bags, individual airlines may have their own regulations:

  • Check your airline’s website or contact them directly before packing your laptop.
  • Some airlines may require you to disconnect the battery or protect the screen with padding.
  • Consider purchasing insurance for your laptop in case of damage or loss.

Tips for Safe Travel

  • Use a sturdy laptop case or bag.
  • Wrap your laptop in bubble wrap or other protective material.
  • Consider using a TSA-approved lock to secure your bag.
  • Pack your laptop in the middle of your suitcase to reduce impact during handling.
  • Keep your laptop’s battery under 100% capacity to prevent overheating.

Risks to Consider

  • Checked bags go through rough handling.
  • Your laptop could be damaged or stolen, despite precautions.
  • If your laptop contains sensitive data, it’s safer to carry it on as a personal item.
  • Be aware that airlines may not be liable for damage to checked baggage.


  1. Can you bring a laptop battery in checked luggage?

    Yes, but it must be under 100Wh or 100Ah and securely installed in your laptop.

  2. Can you bring a gaming laptop in checked luggage?

    Yes, but its size and weight may impact the weight allowance of your checked bag.

  3. What if my laptop is damaged in checked baggage?

    File a claim with the airline promptly and provide proof of damage.


Flying with a laptop in your checked bag is generally allowed by the TSA and most airlines. However, it’s essential to check with your specific airline for their policies and follow precautionary measures to minimize risks. By taking these steps, you can ensure your laptop travels safely and arrives at your destination intact.

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