Can You Close Your Laptop When Using A Monitor

Can You Close Your Laptop When Using a Monitor?

Whether you’re a student, a professional, or a casual user, you may find yourself wondering if you can close your laptop when using a monitor. The answer is yes, you can close your laptop when using a monitor, and doing so has several benefits.

Benefits of Closing Your Laptop When Using a Monitor

  • Increased portability: When you’re not using your laptop’s screen, you can close it and slip it into your bag for easy transport.
  • Improved ergonomics: Using an external monitor allows you to position your screen at an optimal height and distance for your eyes and neck, reducing the risk of strain and discomfort.
  • Reduced power consumption: Closing your laptop’s screen can help conserve battery power, especially if you’re using a power-hungry application or watching a video.
  • Less clutter: With your laptop’s screen closed, you can minimize clutter on your desk and create a more organized workspace.

How to Close Your Laptop When Using a Monitor

  1. Connect your laptop to the monitor: Use an appropriate cable (e.g., HDMI, DisplayPort) to connect your laptop to the monitor.
  2. Adjust your display settings: On your laptop, go to your display settings and select the “Extend these displays” option to extend your desktop onto the monitor.
  3. Close your laptop’s screen: Once your display settings are configured, you can close your laptop’s screen to use the external monitor as your primary display.

Potential Issues and Solutions

  • Laptop overheating: If you’re using your laptop for extended periods while closed, it may overheat. To prevent this, ensure that the laptop’s vents are not blocked and that it has sufficient airflow.
  • Sleep mode: Some laptops may automatically enter sleep mode when you close the screen. To avoid this, adjust your laptop’s power settings to prevent it from sleeping when the lid is closed.
  • Incompatible graphics cards: If your laptop’s graphics card does not support external monitors, you may not be able to use an external monitor. Check your laptop’s specifications or consult the manufacturer for compatibility.


Closing your laptop when using a monitor can provide numerous benefits, including increased portability, improved ergonomics, and reduced power consumption. By following the steps outlined above, you can safely and easily extend your laptop’s display onto an external monitor and enjoy the advantages it offers.

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