Can You Clean Laptop Screen With Water

Can You Clean Your Laptop Screen with Water?


Keeping your laptop screen clean is essential for optimal performance and visual clarity. While water seems like a simple and convenient solution, using it improperly can damage your screen. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the safe and effective ways to clean your laptop screen.

Can You Use Water to Clean Your Laptop Screen?

The answer is a cautious yes. Using pure distilled water in small amounts can be an acceptable method, but it’s important to exercise extreme caution. Regular tap water contains minerals and impurities that can leave streaks or damage the screen over time.

Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Your Laptop Screen with Water

  1. Turn Off and Unplug: Ensure your laptop is powered off and unplugged from any power sources.
  2. Use a Soft Cloth: Dampen a clean, lint-free microfiber cloth with distilled water. Avoid using abrasive materials.
  3. Gently Wipe: Start from one corner of the screen and gently wipe in a circular motion. Use light pressure to avoid scratching.
  4. Dry Immediately: Use a separate clean, dry microfiber cloth to dry the screen thoroughly. Allow it to air dry for a few minutes before using.

Recommended Cleaning Solutions

  • Pre-moistened Screen Wipes: These wipes are specifically designed for cleaning laptop screens and contain a safe cleaning solution.
  • Isopropyl Alcohol (70%): Mix 70% isopropyl alcohol with distilled water in a 1:1 ratio. Use it sparingly and only on heavily soiled screens.
  • Commercial Screen Cleaning Solutions: You can find these solutions in most tech stores. They are formulated for cleaning laptop screens and offer a safe and effective option.

Things to Avoid When Cleaning Your Laptop Screen

  • Using Regular Tap Water: As mentioned, tap water contains impurities that can damage your screen.
  • Harsh Chemicals or Cleaners: Avoid using ammonia, bleach, or other harsh chemicals, as they can cause discoloration or damage.
  • Excessive Moisture: Do not pour water directly onto the screen or use excessively wet cloths.
  • Abrasive Materials: Never use paper towels, tissues, or cloths with rough textures, as they can scratch the screen.
  • Touching the Screen with Your Fingers: Your fingers contain oils that can leave smudges or streaks.


Cleaning your laptop screen with water can be effective if done correctly. By using distilled water in small amounts and following the proper steps, you can keep your screen sparkling clean without causing damage. Remember to avoid using tap water, harsh chemicals, or abrasive materials, and always dry your screen thoroughly after cleaning. With proper care, your laptop screen will maintain its optimal performance and visual quality for years to come.

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