Can You Charge Your Laptop At Starbucks

Can You Charge Your Laptop at Starbucks? Here’s What You Need to Know

Starbucks is a popular destination for people to work, study, and relax. And one of the things that makes Starbucks so convenient is that it offers free Wi-Fi and plenty of outlets to charge your devices.

Types of Outlets Available

Starbucks offers a variety of outlets to charge your laptop, including:

  • Standard 110-volt outlets
  • USB-A ports
  • USB-C ports

The type of outlet you need will depend on the type of charger you have for your laptop.

Locations Where You Can Charge Your Device

You can charge your laptop at any Starbucks location. However, some locations may have more outlets than others. If you’re not sure whether a particular location has outlets, you can always call ahead and ask.

In addition to the outlets inside the store, some Starbucks locations also have outdoor outlets. This is a great option if you want to enjoy the fresh air while you work or study.

Rules and Etiquette

There are a few rules and etiquette guidelines you should follow when charging your laptop at Starbucks:

  • Don’t hog the outlets. If you’re not using your laptop, please unplug it so that others can use the outlets.
  • Be respectful of other customers. Don’t talk too loudly or play music too loudly while you’re working or studying.
  • Clean up your area when you’re finished. Throw away any trash and wipe down the table if you spilled anything.

By following these rules and etiquette guidelines, you can help make Starbucks a more enjoyable place for everyone.


Charging your laptop at Starbucks is a great way to stay connected and productive while you’re on the go. Just be sure to follow the rules and etiquette guidelines above, and you’ll be sure to have a positive experience.

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