Can You Charge Surface Laptop Go With Usb C

Can You Charge Surface Laptop Go With USB-C?

The Surface Laptop Go is a popular ultraportable laptop from Microsoft. It’s known for its sleek design, long battery life, and affordable price. But one question that many users have is whether or not it can be charged with USB-C.

The Answer: Yes and No

The answer to this question is both yes and no. The Surface Laptop Go does have a USB-C port, but it is not used for charging. Instead, it is used for data transfer and display output.

To charge the Surface Laptop Go, you will need to use the included Surface Connect charger. This charger plugs into a dedicated charging port on the side of the laptop.

Why Doesn’t the Surface Laptop Go Charge Over USB-C?

There are a few reasons why Microsoft chose not to enable USB-C charging on the Surface Laptop Go. First, the Surface Connect charger is more powerful than a USB-C charger. This means that it can charge the laptop more quickly.

Second, the Surface Connect charger is more secure than a USB-C charger. It is less likely to come loose or be damaged.

Alternative Charging Options

If you don’t have the included Surface Connect charger, there are a few alternative ways to charge the Surface Laptop Go.

  • You can use a USB-C to Surface Connect adapter. This adapter will allow you to use a USB-C charger to charge your laptop.
  • You can use a wireless charging pad. The Surface Laptop Go supports Qi wireless charging, so you can charge it by placing it on a wireless charging pad.


So, can you charge the Surface Laptop Go with USB-C? The answer is yes, but only with an adapter. The included Surface Connect charger is still the best option for charging your laptop.

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