Can You Charge Msi Laptop With Usb C

Can You Charge MSI Laptop with USB-C?

With the increasing popularity of USB-C, it’s natural to wonder if you can charge your MSI laptop with this versatile port. In this article, we will explore whether USB-C charging is compatible with MSI laptops, the power requirements, and the benefits of using USB-C for charging.

USB-C Charging Compatibility

The short answer is yes, you can charge most MSI laptops with USB-C. However, it’s important to note that not all MSI laptops support USB-C charging. To determine if your MSI laptop is compatible, check the following:

  • MSI Laptop Model: Check the manufacturer’s specifications or consult the user manual for your specific MSI laptop model.
  • USB-C Port: Look for a USB-C port with a thunderbolt symbol or the PD (Power Delivery) logo on your laptop.

Power Delivery Requirements

USB-C Power Delivery (PD) is the technology that allows devices to charge over USB-C. To successfully charge your MSI laptop with USB-C, you need a charger that supports USB-C PD with a power output of at least 65 watts.

Most MSI laptops have a power requirement of 65 watts or higher. However, some models, such as the MSI Stealth 15M, may require a higher wattage charger. Consult the user manual for the specific power requirement of your MSI laptop.

Benefits of USB-C Charging

Using USB-C to charge your MSI laptop offers several advantages:

  • Convenience: USB-C is a universal port that can charge various devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets.
  • Fast Charging: USB-C PD supports fast charging, allowing you to charge your laptop more quickly than with traditional charging methods.
  • Portability: USB-C chargers are typically smaller and lighter than traditional laptop chargers, making them easier to carry around.
  • Power Delivery: USB-C PD can not only charge your laptop but also provide power to other devices connected to the same port.


In conclusion, you can charge most MSI laptops with USB-C as long as they have a USB-C port with PD support. Using USB-C for charging offers convenience, fast charging capabilities, portability, and power delivery. When selecting a USB-C charger, ensure it meets the power requirements of your MSI laptop.

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