Can You Charge A Laptop With A Cell Phone Charger

Can You Charge a Laptop with a Cell Phone Charger?

In the realm of portable electronics, it’s often convenient to have chargers that can power multiple devices. But when it comes to laptops, can you rely on a simple cell phone charger to get the job done?

Understanding Power Delivery

The ability to charge a laptop with a cell phone charger depends on two key factors: power delivery and voltage compatibility. Power delivery refers to the amount of power that the charger can provide, measured in watts (W). Voltage compatibility ensures that the voltage output from the charger matches the voltage required by the laptop.

Most cell phone chargers have a power delivery of 5W to 15W, while laptops typically require 30W to 65W or even higher. This means that most cell phone chargers are underpowered to charge a laptop efficiently.

Voltage Compatibility

Even if a cell phone charger could provide enough power, it’s also crucial to ensure voltage compatibility. Most laptops use a voltage of 19V to 20V, whereas cell phone chargers typically output 5V or 9V. Using a charger with a voltage that is too high can damage the laptop, while a voltage that is too low will not charge the laptop adequately.

Alternative Charging Options

If using a cell phone charger to charge a laptop is not feasible, there are several alternative charging options available:

  • Laptop AC Adapter: This is the standard charger designed specifically for the laptop model, providing both the appropriate power delivery and voltage.
  • USB-C Power Delivery: Some modern laptops with USB-C ports support Power Delivery, which allows them to be charged using USB-C chargers. However, ensure that the charger supports the required power delivery for your laptop.
  • Universal Laptop Charger: These chargers come with multiple adaptors to fit different laptop models, providing the flexibility to charge various laptops with one device.
  • Power Bank: While not as common, some high-capacity power banks may be able to charge laptops for a limited period. However, the charging speed and duration will depend on the power bank’s specifications.


While it’s not advisable to use most cell phone chargers to charge a laptop due to power delivery and voltage limitations, alternative charging options like the laptop AC adapter, USB-C Power Delivery chargers, or universal laptop chargers provide convenient and efficient solutions for charging your laptop.

Always consult your laptop’s manufacturer’s recommendations for the best charging practices and avoid using incompatible chargers that could damage your device.

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