How To Find Model Number of HP Laptop Using Command Prompt?

If you want to know how to find model number of hp laptop using command prompt, then you are in right place. It is quite an easy task to do.

There are also other ways to check the model, serial & name of your laptop. We’ll discuss all those here in this article.

This method will work both in Windows 8 & 10 and some earlier versions of the Windows operating system.

1– First open Command Prompt by typing “command prompt” or Windows Power Shell in Windows 10

From Ctrl+X menu

From Run command Windows key+R

If you still can’t open your command prompt then check 14 ways to open Command Prompt. It’ll surely help you to solve your problem.

2– Type “WMIC CSPRODUCT GET NAME” and press enter. Here comes the product model number of your HP Laptop.

How To Find Model Number of HP Laptop Using Command Prompt

How to find Serial Number, Name of HP Laptop Using DOS or Command Prompt?

There are several methods to check the serial number, name & model of your laptop. These methods include

1- Command Prompt or Windows PowerShell

2- From BIOS

3-  From Printed Labels 

4-  HP System Information Utility

5- Through the Official Website of HP

The below video contains a summary of the methods given above. If you want to read the official guide regarding this you can read that guide as well.


1- Find Serial Number, Name Using Command Prompt or Windows Power Shell (In Windows 10)

This method is most easy to perform for everyone and very useful when you can’t find any label or printable label on your laptop or desktop system.

1- Open Command Prompt by using above mentioned methods 

2- Type “WMIC BIOS GET serialnumber” and press Enter button

How To Find Model Number of HP Laptop Using Command Prompt

2- Find Serial Number From BIOS

Restart your laptop and note which key you need to press to enter in BIOS setup of hp laptop. It is usually, F1, F2, F10, or F12 in some cases.

1- Press the required function key (F1, F2, F10, or F12 ) to enter BIOS of Setup

2- Locate serial number in the first tab of BIOS setting or Go through some other tabs to find serial number as shown in the screenshot.


3From Printed Labels

There are certain printed labels, receipts there where you can find all the serial numbers of your laptop easily. Some examples are 

3.1 From Battery Label

Unplug your battery from the bottom and check its chamber there is a serial number printed as shown in the picture.

How To Find Model Number of HP Laptop Using Command Prompt

3.2 Bottom Label of Laptop

Almost every laptop affix the label at the bottom of the laptop where a serial number of the laptop and Windows Key is mentioned. In the majority of cases, this label becomes rough and can’t be read. 

You are lucky or your laptop is new If you can read both serial numbers from this label as you can see in the below picture.


3.3 Original Invoice

Whether you have purchased from an online store or physical store, the serial number of the laptop is written there. You can check your invoice for reference.


3.4 Original Box Labels

Luckily If you still the original box/packing of the laptop then you’ll find the serial num there as well.

How To Find Model Number of HP Laptop Using Command Prompt

3.5 Warranty Card

If you have a warranty card available even after warranty expiry then you can check this number from that card as well.

3.6 Email

Laptop brands tend to share product/laptop details through email to their original buyers. So you can also find the number from your Inbox as well.


4- HP System Information Window

You can download the HP System Information utility from the official HP website. Install this utility and run, you’ll find complete information about your HP laptop in this tool along with the serial number as shown in the below picture.

Alternatively, If you already have installed this utility then press Fn+ESC keys from the original/built-in keyboard to launch this utility for laptops.

If you have a desktop system then press Ctrl + Alt + S to run this utility.


5- Through the Official Website of HP

If you have internet access right now then it is another convenient way to find the serial number of the hp laptop if you have other or alternative information like service tag.

Remember that the above-mentioned methods can be used to know the serial number, Model number, and Name of your laptop or desktop systems.

That’s all for now, please let us know about your feedback in the comments below or contact us.

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