How To Clean Fingerprints Off Laptop Screen & Keyboard

The Display screen of the laptop plays a vital role while working on the laptop. It is the most important visual display unit for every laptop user.

It has been noticed that most people tend to touch their screen, which makes it blurry and unable to see their graphics and other content clearly.

In order to keep your laptop screen clean and neat, you should have an idea of how to clean fingerprints off laptop screen and from keyboard as well.

Of course, the keyboard is the most used component among other hardware parts. If you feel that your keyboard & screen is greasy and dirty with these fingerprints then it’s time to clean those off.

First, let’s have an overview, how we can clean laptops at home easily with household products.

ow to clean fingerprints off laptop screen

Important Tips Before Cleaning Laptop/Desktop/TV screen (Dont’s)

Following are some important cleaning tips you must read before moving ahead.

  • Turn off the laptop and unplug it from the socket.
  • Please read the laptop computer manual for the restricted cleaning solutions/agents.
  • Never throw liquid directly to the screen, always apply the liquid to a cloth before cleaning
  • Use lint-free, microfiber soft cloth which does not scratch the screen as regular cloth does
  • Don’t soak cloth much in liquid, just wet it with the appropriate quantity. As excessive water can drain into the screen and cause damage.
  • Don’s use specific purpose cleaning agents like Dish soap, Windows cleaner, or all-purpose cleaner, it can damage screen easily.
  • Don’t press hard against the screen to avoid permanent damage. Rub softly in a circular motion with a soft cloth.
  • Don’t use any kind of brush, tissue, paper towel, or polyester, they can scratch laptop screen.

How to clean a laptop screen at home?

If you want to clean the laptop exterior including the screen at home then follow these simple steps.

1- Pour a cup of warm water in the bowl, distilled water without a chemical, preferably.

2- Now pour a few (2-3) liquid dishwashing liquid and mix it well.

3- Take a lint-free, microfiber cloth, (Don’t use regular cloth it can scratch your screen and laptop surface) and make it wet by squeezing extra liquid.

4- Rub this cloth gently on the exterior of the laptop body and screen, it’ll clean all fingerprints on the keyboard and screen.

5- After finishing this take a dry cloth and rub your laptop gently to dry any liquid placed on the laptop.

For further details and understanding watch this video.

How to clean fingerprints off the laptop Screen & keyboard?

In order to clean fingerprints off the laptop screen, Lid, cover, case, and keyboard. You will also know how to clean fingerprints off the monitor? 

You can follow these 3 steps. 

1- Turn Off your laptop, unplug and remove the battery(optional)

2- Prepare a Cleaning Solution

3- Rub the screen and dry it with a dry cloth

4- Use iRoller Screen Cleaner – Quick & Efficient

1- Turn off Laptop

Preferably turn off the laptop and remove it from charging, if it’s charging.

2- Prepare a Cleaning Solution

We have consulted WikiHow & Howcast to prepare the cleaning solution.

Take distilled water not (tap water), Isopropyl Alcohol, a spray bottle, and white vinegar(plain) not cider or vinegar.

Prepare 50+50 solution of distilled water+Isopropyl Alcohol or distilled water+vinegar, whichever is easily available. Don’t mix up Alcohol with vinegar or anything else other. 

3- Rub the Screen and Dry it With a dry cloth

Pour this solution into the sprayer bottle and spray it to the cloth, do not spray directly on the screen.

Clean your laptop screen by moving the cloth in circular motion gently, don’t press hard to avoid.

Continue this process until all smudges and fingerprints have been removed. Re-soak the cloth and clean it again if you feel so.

4- Use iRoller Screen Cleaner – Saves money, Quick & Efficient

The iRoller is a screen cleaner that cleans your gadget like a pro. It is a pocket-sized cleaner that is re-useable (instead of microfiber clothes/tissues, disposable wipes, or sprays, etc.) easy to use, and carry anywhere in a purse or pocket.

It can clean all kinds of fingerprints, smudges, and smear easily & efficiently.

How to Clean Fingerprints off the MacBook Screen?

In fact, the point is that, is there any difference between the MacBook screen and other computer screens?

Yes, there is a difference between every Apple display screen and other screens. MacBook screen is a Non-LCD glass-coated screen that is not difficult to clean, but easy to clean than other LCD(LED-Backlit screens).

Apple describes the way how to clean a display screen in a simple way. This method is applicable to MacBook Pro and other Thunderbolt-based display screens.

  • Turn off MacBook and disconnect from external devices.
  • Get the cloth came with the display screen or take any soft cloth, lint-free or as described before.
  • Slightly damp the cloth and clean screen of MacBook in a circular motion.

Note: Apple prohibits aerosol sprays/cleaners, ammonia, windows cleaners, abrasive and other cleaning agents having hydrogen peroxide (see the label of cleaning agent product to find)

You can also use iRoller, the specific screen cleaner for MacBooks, iPads, & iPhones, etc.

How to clean fingerprints off a laptop case?

In order to clean fingerprints off the laptop case, you need the materials

Clean water, A sponge, cotton swab, dishwashing liquid/detergent, and lint-free cloth.

Mix dishwashing liquid 2-3 drops in a cup of water and mix it well, or with this ratio water: dishwashing liquid/detergent (1 : 5).

Soak the sponge and wring it well that it won’t spill any liquid on the laptop case, then clean the case gently to remove all fingerprints and other spots, etc.

Don’t clean any port or inside CD/DVD tray after opening.

Afterward, take a dry and soft cloth and clean the moisture, leftovers or smudges. You can use a cotton swab wherever you need it, but don’t use it to clean any port, etc.


How to clean a laptop screen without streaks?

The cleaning method has already been explained above as it doesn’t leave any streak on the screen.

How to prevent fingerprints on a laptop?

You can try laptop skin, back cover protector, wallpaper, stickers, etc to avoid fingerprints on the backside of the display screen. Further, you can use a silicone keyboard protector to avoid greasy keys.

Alternatively, you can clean your laptop’s case, skin, cover, lid, etc the ways mentioned before.

How to clean laptop webcam lense?

In order to clean your laptop camera lens, you can follow the mention methods.

Use a Blower or Lens Brush: Pick a blower and clean any dust or any other residue in the first step. For easy & safe cleaning blower is recommended than your saliva or breath, that can bring moist to lens. 

Alternatively use a lens brush to clean dust particles. You can purchase these brushes from here if you don’t have them already.

You can purchase a camera cleaning kit from here.

Use a Lens cleaning Tissues or Clothes: Use a specific microfiber cloth or camera cleaning lens tissue to clean webcam lens, don’t ever use regular cloth or you’ll end up in streaks.

Note: Don’t spray directly any cleaner to the lens or you’ll end up in streaks or will damage your lense.

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How to clean a laptop from Covid-19?

It is quite easy to disinfect your laptop, smartphone, or tab from Covid-19 or coronavirus. 

Just spray sanitizer on a cloth, tissue(as mentioned above) and clean your laptop, phone, tab, and working desk, or any other device you wish to.

After cleaning is finished then sanitize your hands or wash with anti-bacterial soap for 20 secs minimum.