How to Keep Laptop on When Lid is Closed?

A laptop is the perfect computer when it comes to mobility and portability, and, of course, it can act as a perfect desktop computer when you have the option.

Usually in offices, professionals work with their laptop along with an external keyboard, monitor and mouse on the office table.

It provides them freedom to work at the office and take laptops with them anywhere, either for business travel or field work. The laptop acts as a desktop with mobility and a laptop with portability at the same time.

The problem comes when someone connects an external monitor, a TV to a large display screen, or wants to just listen to music in calmness and closes the lid. Usually, Windows or MacBooks go to sleep after closing the lid.

Whatever the reason is, you need to keep the laptop on while the lid is closed. In this guide we’ll explain how to keep a laptop on when the lid is closed.

Let’s start with the Windows operating system on how to Keep Laptop on When Lid is Closed?

1- How to keep laptop on with the lid closed in Windows 11?

The process is simple and the same for Windows 10 and 11. You have to follow just a few steps to do this task to use a laptop with an external monitor, keyboard and mouse .

This process will work for Windows based laptop of any brand, like dell

First of all, open Settings from the start menu by clicking the settings icon.

Go to Settings > System > Power and Sleep

Click “Additional Power Settings” on the right side of the settings window. A new window with “power options” will open here. 

Now from the left panel click “choose what closing the lid does”. It will navigate to a new page containing “power button and lid settings”.

You will see power settings with two variations.

Go to “When I close the lid” and select “Do nothing” for both on battery and plugged in as shown in the screen shot.

Now you can enjoy work, gaming on a large TV, or listen to music on a laptop with the lid closed.

2- How to keep MacBook on with the lid closed in Mac OS?

The MacBook can also be used with a closed lid. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be done.

1- Click Apple Icon located top left corner and then go to System Preferences.

2- Now click Battery Icon > Power Adapter (left side menu)

3- In the right panel, move slider to “Never”, under “Turn display off after:” 

4- Also, check the box “Prevent your Mac from automatically sleeping when the display is off.”

Now you can enjoy the MacBook with the lid closed.

3- How to keep the laptop on when closed and connected with HDMI to an external display screen?

You can follow the same steps mentioned in the first question to keep your laptop on when connected with an HDMI cable. There is no difference.

4- How to keep the laptop on with the lid closed in Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is a Linux based open source operating system and is widely used throughout the world. It is one of the most popular Linux distributions available in the OS market for everyone to use.

There are two different methods to keep a laptop on with a closed lid. The first method works with manual commands and the second works with applications.

First Method

In order to disable Ubuntu from doing anything, while the laptop lid is closed, follow these steps. It works with the help of a terminal.

1- Click System Applications > Terminal

Type this command.

sudo gedit /etc/systemd/logind.conf

Then type system password and press Enter.

2- When file is opened, locate this line #HandleLidSwitch=suspend.

3- Now, replace this line with this. HandleLidSwitch=ignore

For GNOME Users

Using the “Gnome Tweak Tool” (the default in 18.04+) will let you do this quickly and easily without changing system settings. You can download it from the Ubuntu Software Store (it’s called GNOME Tweaks). 

if you prefer the console type: sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool

Once installed, run it and disable the setting to do nothing when the lid is closed under Power. It works on Ubuntu 18.04.

That’s it. Now you can enjoy the Ubuntu laptop with a closed lid on the external display screen.

Second Method

This method will work with an application called Tweeks Tools. Follow these steps.

1- Click system application > terminal and type the following command:

sudo apt install gnome-tweak-tool

2- Open tweek application and click “General” on the left side.

3- Turn off the “Suspend when the laptop lid is closed” option to keep laptop on.

5- How to keep a Chromebook on while the lid is closed?

There are a few simple steps to follow for the Chromebook to get it on. Google support has described it as follows.

1- Open Settings by tapping the right bottom area (clock area) of your Chromebook.

2- Click device on left side of menu > Power 

3- Turn off the option “Sleep when lid is closed“, if it’s already on.

That’s it. In just 3 steps, you can now enjoy your Chromebook on an external monitor or large TV.

Is it safe to run a laptop with the lid closed?

Generally, it’s fine to run a laptop with a closed lid and it won’t damage your screen, keyboard,or any other hardware. The obvious reason is that laptop heat damages it?

Remember, most laptops are intended for use with a docking station along with external monitor, keyboard, etc. Laptop brands are well aware of that fact, and it won’t damage your laptop.

If your laptop air vents and fan is working good, then it wont hurt it. If you have gaming laptop that becomes hot than normal then get a cooling pad to maintain temperature.

Normally, routine or office work wont hurt laptop with lid closed.

Why should you use an external monitor with a laptop?

When you work like a professional in an office environment,then you have to stare at the screen for a whole day and a long time. It has a huge impact on your efficiency.

In order to work properly and with less fatigue of neck, eyers, pick any external display.

In addition to using an external monitor as the primary viewing portal, a laptop with a poor quality or a broken screen can also function.

Benefits of Using a Second Monitor

There are certain benefits of using an external or second monitor except the mentioned above. Many laptop users usually prefer to use external monitor due to some reason as follows.

dispaly screen

Laptop Cum Desktop System

When you have a monitor used as a second display along with an external keyboard and mouse, then you have the freedom of both laptop and desktop experience. 

You can take your laptop anywhere and use it as a desktop in the office or workplace.

Large Display Screen

Most laptops have a small screen size like 10”-15” which is not sufficient for most tasks. Specially when you are reading an article, viewing any design, or exploring any map etc. 

In this case you need large screen that will facilitate your viewing without compromising details and constant zoom in.

Relaxed Pose and Posture

When you have to work for 8-10 hours daily with laptop having a small screen, it can cause neck, back and other related muscles pain. Because you’ll bend your neck and back to get focus and keep the same pose for hours.

It’ll cause pain in neck muscles and back. A larger screen will keep your head up and back straight.

Less Productivity

On the small screen,screen you have to struggle to keep your focus. It will put pressure on eyes and shoulders, you have to take frequent breaks. It can minise your interest and loss rhythm in assignment.

It definitely will reduce your productivity that can lead to demotivation.

Multitasking on Multi Monitors Setup

Many professions, like video editors or graphics designers, require not only large screens but multiple monitors attached to the laptop. You won’t need to click several times to access different documents, so you can compare several files at once.

It will lead to work on different files at the same time for maximum productivity.

Better Entertainment

Apart from work,you can enjoy a movie, game or favourite drama on a larger screen,along with high tech woofers, that will spice up your entertainment experience.