How to Download Movies From Disney Plus on Laptop?

Disney Plus is an American subscription or on-demand-based video streaming service. The US-based Walt Disney Company started it on the 2nd last month of 2019. It has produced many famous movies, TV shows, and other documentaries.

How to download movies on Disney Plus on laptop

Can you watch Disney Plus offline?

Technically speaking, you can’t watch it offline, as it is not available offline. As it is not yet available for offline viewers. 

But there is a trick that allows you to watch it offline on both Windows laptops and MacBooks laptops.

3 Ways to watch Disney Plus Offline

There are many reasons to watch it offline. One of them might include watching it on your TV on a bigger screen or rather than on small screen smart phones or tablets, etc.

1st Method: Install Disney Plus App

The first method involves a smartphone or tablet. You have to install its app to download them. The Disney Plus app is available for both platforms, i.e., Android and iOS.

  1. Install Disney Plus App from above links
  2. Log in with your credentials.
  3. Browse the content and select your favorite film.
  4. Click or tap the download icon on the right side of the film title. (Button will turn to progress circle).

Enjoy your offline in the downloads section of the app.

In order to download any TV shows with multiple seasons

  1. Go to the Shows page and select your favourite TV show.
  2. Scroll down to the Season drop down menu.
  3. Select any season and click the download button on the right side. 

A confirmation dialogue box will appear. Click Download Season.

Once all the episodes are completed, you can watch them in the downloads section without any internet connection.

2nd Method: Cast on TV, Laptop or Large Screen

You can watch offline Disney Plus shows on your TV using almost the same way. For this, you need a supporting device (laptop or TV) that can be connected with your mobile via the “cast” or “screen mirroring” feature of Android. 

For whom does this method work?

If you have an internet connectivity issue at home or desired location but have Disney content available on your mobile in the downloads section, then you can use one of the following methods to cast your mobile screen to a large screen.

You can connect your Windows laptop with a mobile phone with the method in the video below.

Remember, in order to cast your mobile screen to your laptop, your mobile and laptop must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network connection.

For other methods, watch this video or search YouTube with the query “ How to cast YOUR MOBILE MODEL to laptop/TV”

Cast Mobile screen to Smart TV

Alternatively, you can mirror your mobile screen to the Smart TV to watch your favourite content on a large screen. In order to do this, connect your TV and mobile with the same Wi-Fi connection.

For the method, follow the instructions in the video below.

3rd Method: Install Android or Mac Emulator on Laptop or Desktop PC

If you don’t want to cast your mobile screen to your laptop for some reason, then install any compatible Android emulator to use the Disney App on your laptop. 

The emulator allows you to run software from a completely different device on your computer. It usually allows those apps to run on your computer that are normally not compatible or don’t work on your laptop.

There are many emulators for both Windows and MacOS. For Windows, you can  install BlueStacks, Xcode (For MacBooks),or something similar to run Android apps on your  laptop.

For other details about the top Android emulators for Windows 10 or earlier, watch this video.

Use Android Apps on Windows 11

If you have a laptop with Windows 11 installed, then it offers built-in support for Android apps. You can install the Android app directly from the Windows App store.

How to install Android Apps on Windows 11?

Check out the following video.

How to Install Disney Plus on Windows 10 and Download Movies?

A lot of people ask  and search the internet for “why can’t I download movies on disney plus on laptop?” Now it has been answered in positive.

The process is quite simple and easy. But wait…. What?

Disney Plus is not available on Microsoft Windows App Store.

How can someone install it on Windows 10?

Remember, Disney Plus content can be viewed offline only when you are using its app or using it as an app in the Windows. What is the difference in these usages? 

We have got a technique for you to use as an app, and it is very simple as told you before. Actually its Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) technique that helps you install any website as App or any other software.

The PWAs are just reliable and fast application software, and their primary advantages are that they work offline, can be installed on home screen (desktop), and offer easy deployment on most operating systems.

So let’s begin. 

How to Install Disney as a PWA?

In order to install Disney Plus, you have to “install this site as app “after opening its website in a Chromium based browser, i.e., Microsoft Edge, or Google Chrome. In order to install it, follow these steps.

Microsoft Edge

  • Open Disney Plus website in browser (Microsoft Edge, or Google Chrome)
  • Login with your credentials
  • Click on 3 dots on the top-right corner to open menu.
  • Go to “Apps > Install this site as app”.
  • When confirmation pop-up open, Click “Install” button.

Now, Disney Plus has been installed in your Windows 10, and will work as any other installed software or app.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome also offers the same PWAs like Microsoft Edge, and its more simple than the above mentioned process.

  • Open Disney Plus and log in with your credentials.
  • Click 3 vertical dots on top-right side top open Chrome Menu
  • Go to More Tools > Create Shortcut
  • Type name of shortcut “Disney Plus” and tick “Open as Windows” and click create.

That’s all you need, it’s done.

A shortcut of your web app has been created at your Desktop, you can open it whenever you need.

Download content and watch offline

Now, Disney is available as an app which is the primary requirement to view its content offline.. Open it and download it as shown.

1- Now open the Windows Disney app you have just installed and browse content, select your favorite TV show or film.

2- After movie Selection, click download icon located on the right side of the Play button.

The button will change to download progress circle. Once download is completed, progress circle will turn to the play button.

3- Click the play button to watch your movie offline.

Download TV Show is little different

As most TV shows are available in seasons, you have to download it season wise or Episode wise.

  • Open Disney Windows App, browse for your favourite show/drama and open it.
  • Scroll down to the Episode tab, select the desired season and click the download season button.
  • Click download season on pop up windows.
  • When the season download is complete, Click the download tab and select your show available in downloads to watch it offline.
  • If you want to download an episode rather than the whole season, scroll down to browse each episode, and click the download icon in front of each episode title.


How to download movies from Disney Plus to USB Stick?

If you want to download content from Disney Plus and save it to USB flash memory, then you have to use Disney Plus video downloader. There are few popular video downloaders for Disney like DispCam and kigo.

You can download this video downloader from the links below.

Follow these steps to download and save Disney Plus content on your USB stick.

Download,Install, and run any video downloader.

  • Login to your account with your credentials and search for favorite content in the search bar.
  • You can copy the exact title or even past URL from Disney and paste to the search bar.
  • In order to customize download video settings like video format and quality, click the “settings icon” on top right corner.
  • For TV show seasons, you can select settings like episodes and other settings, Click download icon and select season and titles.
  • By clicking the Ticks Icon of the “Advanced download” located on the side of the download icon you can set Audio, Video, and Subtitles settings.
  • When you have finished with desired parameters of settings, click the download button to start downloading your video.
  • Downloading progress will be shown on the right side of the program.
  • When download is complete, open folder where it is saved, copy and paste into USB stick.

How to Download Movies From Disney Plus on MacBook?

The process is the same as mentioned above. You have to download the Disney video downloader for Mac, it is the only difference.


In this article, we have shared different methods to watch Disney Plus content offline on TV, laptop or other large screens. The offline content is only available for Android and iOS Apps due to native download support of Disney.

We have also shared the download method for Windows 10 apart from Android and iOS. 

In the end, you can learn how to download and save Disney films and TV shows on a USB stick with the help of a software tool. It works for both Mac and Windows.